What we offer

  • Individual and Family Therapy

We provide mental health services designed to meet the need of everyone and family. We try to assist children and adults obtain mental health and reach their life goals. We emphasize the value of respect in the delivery of services. We accept medical health insurances.

  • Batterer Intervention Program for Men

The batterer intervention program has as its primary goal the safety of victim(s) and children, and principal position that domestic abuse against women, in any form, is a violation of their human rights to be in relationships free of coercion, intimation, and violence. We emphasize the need to free victims of this aggression, as we hold the abuser accountable.

The group is psycho-educational and it uses a combination of indirect and direct confrontation in a respectful environment. Participants can challenge their perennial held masculine ideas that are related to their abusive behavior and violence. These abuses are perpetrated in the physical, sexual, financial, spiritual, cultural, and emotional lives of the victims.

Abusive beliefs are challenged, modified and changed during the 26 weeks’ program. We consider the practice of equality of our group participants in relationships with women a vision, while the practice of respect for the partner’s feelings, actions and beliefs a mission to be accomplished through a process of cognitive-behavior transformation during the immediate future.

This transformation will translate in a cease of violence and abusive behavior.

The goal of this service consists in helping men and women achieve and maintain sobriety. This objective will be obtained using an integrated, respectful and compassionate approach to treatment.  We create an alliance with our clients guiding them to overcome addiction.

  • Group and Individual Treatment for Substance Abuse and Addiction.

In our anger management program, we use an approach specifically designed for individuals who struggle with mental health and substance abuse issues. We strive to guide the individual into uncovering the underlying reasons for their anger and aggression, and develop specific plans to overcome them.

  • Anger Management Groups for Men and Women.
  • In-service training and coaching.
  • Consultation and Supervision for Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns.

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